How to protect your web application with a free SSL certificate in 7 easy steps

If you want to protect the data transferred between you and D9T READY then you will need a SSL certificate. This guide will assist you to get a free SSL certificate for your free D9T READY subdomain.

1. Create an E-Mail Address

First of all create a mail forwarding for webmaster@yourdomain to your private email address.

Mail Forwarding

2. Create a private key

Then create a private key. Click on SSL/TLS on the top of the navigation on D9T READY.

Private Keys

Select Create New Private Key and give it a relatable name. 

Private Keys 2

After successfull creation of the private key you can click on Manage Certificates.

3. Create a certificate

Manage Certificates

Since there are no certificates yet you will need to create a new one with Create New Certificate.

Create New Certificate

Fill all the form fields with proper content. Important: The Common Name (CN) has to match your domain (in this case a free subdomain).

Create New Certificate Details

4. Verify your domain with WoSign

Now go to and enter the details into the form:

WoSign Step 1

In the next step you will need to verify you domain. So click on Domain Control verification to start.

Domain Validation

Important: Select Sub domain name verification. Otherwise you won’t be able to receive the emails. Request the verification email and enter the details in the form again.

Domain Verification Detail

5. Export your Certificate Sign Request (CSR)

Go to SSL/TLS in the D9T READY interface again, click on Manage Certificates and then on CSR to view the Certificate Sign Request.

Manage Certificates

You need to copy all the text from the grey box.




6. Let WoSign sign your CSR

Paste, check and submit your own generated CSR to the WoSign system.

Check and Submit CSR

7. Update the Certificate with the signed one

You can now download the finished SSL certificate (including intermedite and root certificate) as a ZIP file. Extract it and open the .CRT file from the for Nginx archive with a notepad/text editor. Copy all the text from the file and go back to the D9T READY interface.

Update Certificate

Click on Update and paste the contents of the .CSR file that you have just downloaded in the step before.

Now you can re-configure your domain with the certificate you just imported. You may now even force SSL/TLS so that if you access your web application you will see something like this: