How to connect a domain to a D9T READY application

After installation of an application, you get a domain that is automatically generated by D9T READY. These domains look like

They work perfectly for short-term or test applications, but for the long run, you’ll want to have a domainname that is easier to remember. Simply open your application’s settings by clicking on the wheel on the bottom right.

applicationThen open the „Domain“ tab.

domain-tabYou can see the automatically added domain there. On this page, you can add an individual free domain or your own „real“ domain.

Adding an individual free domain from D9T READY

Select the option „New FREE Subdomain“ and enter a name. You can already see the suffix at the end of this input field, in this example

That means, the complete domain will be

Now, it’s very important to select the internal port where the webserver of your application is running. The selection is prepared by us to only contain possible ports for your application (actually this configuration reflects the HTTP(s) ports from the „Firewall“-Tab). So usually you’ll only have one port to select.

In case you select „No HTTP(s)“, this domain will only be connected to the mail forwarding service. In order to connect it to the application, you will have to delete this subdomain and re-create it.

Unless you want https (TLS / SSL encrypted) which will be covered in a later article, leave the TLS Settings as they are and click on „Add Domain“.

Bildschirmfoto von »2015-10-14 20:49:04«After a few seconds, the newly added domain will be available and connected.

domainsIf you don’t need the cryptic domain anymore, just delete it by clicking on the trashbin on the right.

That’s it. Congratulations, you have just added a nice subdomain!

Connecting your own domain

Adding your own domain is only one more step. After setting the „Type of domain“ to „Your own Domain“, you will get an information field how you have to set up your domain before adding it to D9T READY.

The TXT record must be set so that we can verify that this is your domain. The A record is the one that will „point“ to this D9T READY server.

domainDepending on your domain reseller, setting these entries works differently. If you have your own domain servers, the configuration could look like this:


The TXT record is always the same for your user account. So if you will add multiple domains to D9T READY, you might be able to set the TXT record only once, depending on your reseller interface.

After you have done this, the process is exactly the same as above. That means, you select the „Internal Port“ and click on „Add Domain“. After a few seconds, the domain will be connected.

Congratulations, you have just added a domain!


If you have any problems, please let us know. Write us at or add a comment to this post.