How to add HTTPS to your application in 3 easy steps

If you want to encrypt all traffic to and from your site, just follow these easy steps to have perfectly secure encryption.

1. Create a Private Key and a Certificate

Click on „SSL/TLS“ in the top menu and there on „Create New Private Key“:

And enter a name for your private key:

Then click on „Create Private Key“.

2. Create a Certificate

Now you need to create a certificate for your newly created Private Key. Click on „Manage Certificates“:

Then on „Create New Certificate“:

And enter your data.

Important: Enter the correct Common Name (CN) for the domain you’re going to use for this HTTPS site.

Then click on „Create Certificate“.

Note: If you want a officially signed certificate which doesn’t show an error in your browser, you can download the CSR here and update it later after it has been signed. For more information, please have a look at this blog article.

3. Set up the domain with HTTPS

Get back to your application, go to the „Domain“ – tab and add the new domain for which you want HTTPS support:

Make sure that you select the correct Internal Port (to which the domain will be routed). There is only one port for most applications and it is defined as „http“.

Then select the newly created certificate under „TLS Certificate“ and optionally choose „Force SSL Connection“ which will redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS. This works for most apps and is more secure.

After clicking „Add Domain“ this should be how it looks like:

4. There is no 4.

Your application is now accessible via HTTPS!