7+ great Tools for working together over a distance

Are you ever working remotely or need to work with someone else over a distance?

Here are 7 open source tools that will make your life easier. And the best is, we have pre-installed all of them for you. They’re only seconds away!

1. Hubl.in


hublin is an open source video conferencing solution. It runs in the browser, so there’s no need to install any local software or plugins. And if you run it in your own application, you can be very sure that your conversation will be private:


2. Let’s Chat


Let’s Chat is a chat software in your browser. It’s designed to be easily deployable and fits well with small, intimate teams. It is free (MIT licensed) and ships with killer features such as LDAP/Kerberos authentication, a REST-like API and XMPP support.

Try it out: https://d9tready.com/store/other/lets-chat


Have you ever wanted to have a real cloud operating system? You have it – and you can even connect to it with a whole team!

Welcome LXDE. We have set up a full linux desktop that runs in your browser and where you can collaborate from different locations – either as viewer or as editor.

We have installed all important applications like Firefox or LibreOffice for you. Of course you can install anything you need either via apt-get or use the graphical package manager.


We are using this for collaboration and for presentations for our customers. Having a full-screen Firefox or even an Impress-Presentation in the browser without any plugins is the key.


Try it now: https://d9tready.com/store/other/lxde

4. EtherDraw

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why not paint collaboratively? With etherdraw this works directly in your browser. No plugins required. Just open the application and start drawing. Share the URL and anyone who knows it can draw with you!

In the D9T READY Store: https://d9tready.com/store/other/etherdraw

5. EtherPad

etherpad is for text what etherdraw is for images. Work simultaneously on the same text with multiple cursors. Each author gets its own color and the full edit process can be watched in a time slider so you can at any time see who wrote what.


Working on marketing texts, contracts, blog entries or even books collaboratively is now just a click away.

Try it out at https://d9tready.com/store/other/etherpad

6. EtherCalc

And there’s no office collection without a spreadsheet program. This one also allows you to edit with many people at the same time. So just run it and calculate anything you want!


Import existing CSV files, create tabular documentation or do real math in it. Try now at https://d9tready.com/store/other/ethercalc

7. OwnCloud

If you still need to exchange documents, images or other files, there’s OwnCloud, your private Cloud Storage.


Just add it as an application and start sharing all kind of files with it. With plugins, OwnCloud can be extended hugely. For example, CalDav Calendars, E-Mail Reader and more.



More over here

If you need more collaboration power, there is more. However some of them require a bit more work to get them to run. Nevertheless, here they are:

Please read the texts in the credentials-tab that we provided for these solutions. Some of them require special config file entries before they run correctly and we documented it there for you.