How to add HTTPS to your application in 3 easy steps

If you want to encrypt all traffic to and from your site, just follow these easy steps to have perfectly secure encryption. 1. Create a Private Key and a Certificate Click on „SSL/TLS“ in the top menu and there on „Create New Private Key“: And enter a name for your private key: Then click on […]

7+ great Tools for working together over a distance

Are you ever working remotely or need to work with someone else over a distance? Here are 7 open source tools that will make your life easier. And the best is, we have pre-installed all of them for you. They’re only seconds away! 1. hublin is an open source video conferencing solution. It runs […]

How to protect your web application with a free SSL certificate in 7 easy steps

If you want to protect the data transferred between you and D9T READY then you will need a SSL certificate. This guide will assist you to get a free SSL certificate for your free D9T READY subdomain. 1. Create an E-Mail Address First of all create a mail forwarding for webmaster@yourdomain to your private email address. […]

How to connect a domain to a D9T READY application

After installation of an application, you get a domain that is automatically generated by D9T READY. These domains look like They work perfectly for short-term or test applications, but for the long run, you’ll want to have a domainname that is easier to remember. Simply open your application’s settings by clicking on the wheel […]